PREVIEW: Season 1 

About Us

Luxury Hunters

Imagine getting access to multi million dollar dream homes. Bianca Solterbeck and Peter Verge have the keys… for 24 hours! 

About The Show

Professional looky loos, Peter Verge and Bianca Solterbeck get the keys to incredible, over-the-top luxury homes! Once inside, they must duke it out to see who can put on the better tour.  

The competitive co-hosts invite a roster of expert guests, specializing in design, style, feng shui, etiquette and décor, to drop by and help showcase what life is like... living in the lap of luxury. 

Let's Get Social

Join Peter and Bianca on their tours for the luxury and the laughs! And tweet us your thoughts... whose tour was better and which house is your favourite? We love your feedback.  If there is anything you want to see (yes, a cannonball into the infinity pool is already on Peter's list!) let us know.